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Is Getting a Teeth Cleaning Required Before Doing a Teeth Whitening Treatment?


Who does not love to have a set of pearly white teeth? Not everyone in the world is born with impeccable white teeth. In addition, our dietary habits and other activities such as smoking or drinking can cause the discoloration of teeth. However, there is nothing to despair. There are special dental clinics where you can whiten your teeth artificially. You can restore the original luster of the teeth. However, there are many questions and doubts requiring clarification.

Cleaning of teeth prior to whitening

The main question on everyone’s mind is that should one clean his or her teeth before subjecting to teeth whitening treatment. In fact, you can find the answer within the question itself. Of course, cleaning your teeth before embarking on the program is always desirable but not 100% required. There are many reasons. We shall try to enumerate them and explain them in brief.

Accumulation of food particles

Food particles have the habit of sticking to the most inappropriate of places between the teeth. You should clean them before attending to the appointment with your cosmetic dentist.

Accumulated plaque

You can remove food particles by just brushing your teeth. However, removal of plaque is a much more intricate process. You may require the help of the cosmetic dentist for removal of the plaque.

Removal of stains

The main job of a teeth whitening procedure is to make them look attractive. However, the stains can make the whitening process that much difficult. It is always advisable to clean the stains thereby enabling the whitening gel to do a better job of whitening the teeth.

Filling of cavities

Your teeth may not be aligned in the perfect manner. There may be cavities. The decay could have set in. It is better to remove the food particles as well as decay-causing bacteria from the cavities before attempting a whitening procedure.

Things you should understand while attempting teeth whitening

You should understand the following basics of teeth whitening.

There is a specific age before you start thinking about teeth whitening. Children who have not lost all their milk teeth should never attempt whitening of teeth. You should know that the milk teeth are always white in color as they have less enamel content in them. The adult teeth are pale yellowish white in color due to the presence of higher content of enamel.

The procedure of teeth whitening

You should have an appointment with the dentist prior to having a schedule of teeth whitening.

He will ensure to clean the teeth of the accumulated tartar that usually settles at the base of the teeth and the gums. He may have to use specific dental implements to clean the same.

The next step involves cleaning of the plaque. Plaque is an accumulation of a thin sticky film over the enamel of the teeth, making the teeth appear yellow. The cosmetic dentist cleans the same before attempting to start the teeth whitening process. He will have to use other methods of cleaning the plaque.

Once the preliminary steps are over, the dentist proceeds towards the actual process of teeth whitening. The procedure involves the fixing a rubber shield over the gums. The dentist also uses gel to protect the gums from the bleaching material. The dentist then applies the whitening product to the teeth making use of a special tray that fits into your mouth perfectly. The product usually consists of hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide. The oxygen content in the peroxides helps in whitening of the teeth.

This process takes usually three to four weeks. This procedure involves the making of the special mouth guard to fit into your mouth perfectly. This will take a couple of weeks. In the meantime, you can go on with the process of cleaning of the teeth of the tartar, plaque, as well as the cavities.

There is an alternate method by which the cosmetic dentist uses laser to whiten the teeth. Under this procedure, the dentist uses a dam to protect the gums. He then applies a bleaching material to the teeth as a way of enhancing the whiteness. The next step envisages shining of a beam of laser onto the teeth. This light reacts with the bleaching material and makes the teeth white in color.

How long will the teeth retain its white color?

Usually, you find that the teeth retain their whitening for about one to three years. However, you should refrain from drinking carbonated drinks or caffeinated drinks as well, as these are the chief causative agents for teeth staining. You should avoid smoking as well as consumption of alcohol. If you are able to maintain this strict regimen, your teeth can stay whiter for a longer period.

Side effects of teeth whitening

Usually, there are no side effects. However, some people do complain of discomfort to the gums. However, this subsides relatively quick.


We have seen the benefits of teeth whitening as well as the procedure for the same. We have also emphasized on the need to clean the teeth before attempting the whitening process.

*The information provided in this article is not meant to be dental advice of any kind and was composed from research of information provided on the world wide web. Always consult your dentist for dental advice.

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