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Should I Wait to do a Teeth Whitening Treatment Until Cold Sore is Fully Healed?

The impact on teeth whitening on an unsure smile is formidable. Smiles brighten up our days and world, whether you are the one on the giving or the receiving end. Sometimes however, you get cold sores; and as if that was not bad enough, it’s funny how your cold sore’s seem to appear on the day’s when you have an important appointment – like the day you’re free to have your teeth whitened. What should you do, do you just cancel your appointment and wait until you are okay, or do you insist on visiting your dentist for the procedure? The fact that cold sores can be recurrent and unpredictable does not help much either.

First, let’s talk about cold sores. Other than being a really annoying and uncomfortable infection, cold sores can be embarrassing. They form blisters in the mouth and around the lips. The blisters later burst and quite often they ooze before they naturally heal (usually a few days after). Worse still, they are contagious. Caused by the herpes simplex virus, cold sores can be transmitted through kissing, sharing utensils and even touching. While their painful nature may necessitate a pain prescription, they rarely create serious complications. They are however, triggered by several factors. With enough information on this condition you may be able to stop a cold sore from spreading and even quicken your recovery time, so a visit to the dentist may be just what you need even if you don’t need a teeth whitening procedure.

While DIY teeth whitening kits can be purchased and used at home, you will want to avoid teeth whitening at all costs when you are suffering from a cold sore. If you are attempting a DIY teeth whitening procedure at home, make sure you avoid eating or drinking anything made with acidic fruits as they can react with the chemicals used, which can cause damage to your tooth’s enamel. A cold sore infection will most certainly translate to open sores inside your mouth. The teeth whitening treatment will entail the use of a gel which contains some irritating components in an aim to corrode the decolorized enamel. Such components include hydrogen peroxide. Anyone who has ever tried to use hydrogen peroxide as mouthwash while unaware of a sore in one’s mouth will unquestionably tell you that the experience can be quite painful. Not only does your sore enlarge, but the irritation experienced is huge, edging towards pain. The blisters are delicate and unless you want a smelly mouth and enlarged sores which obviously take longer to heal, please avoid this procedure. The dental dams used by dentists don’t always assure one of complete protection against irritation, even though they largely subsidize its chance of occurrence for people with healthy gums.

Disturbance to the cold sores is also a major reason to avoid undertaking the procedure when you haven’t fully recovered. A cold sore attack heals much faster when not disturbed through touching, whether by continuously running your tongue over it or by use of hands. An irritated sore will ensure you don’t forget about its existence for the tiniest moment. The persistent touching may lead to an acute infection of the cold sore which means it takes longer to heal. In such a case the procedure will be of no help in getting your smile back.

Your quality of dental hygiene may also be compromised if you undertake this procedure. For example, your teeth may grow quite sensitive for a while hence your ability to clean them well is compromised. Dental hygiene that is heavily influenced by a combination of overly sensitive teeth and vastly irritated or infected sores is not anything to write home about. Despite the fact that cold sores don’t contribute to the sensitivity level of the teeth, keeping the sores clean is hard enough on its own without adding another complication to it. While this cosmetic procedure is meant to give you that great facelift, there is certainly nothing great about this situation and you can bet you won’t be smiling through it.

Unfortunately, at times the probability of accidentally ingesting the product used in the tooth whitening procedure is not nonexistent. Ingesting this product may lead to vomiting, nausea or even a burning sensation. Finding yourself in such a situation may lead to stress which is a great triggering factor when it comes to cold sores occurrence. Stress will also prolong your healing process and anything that may cause it should be avoided. The previously discussed effects will also ruffle your stress levels.

Lastly, as we previously stated, the cold sore causing virus can be transmitted in several ways; all of which include contact with the infected person especially if the mucus region is involved in the contact. Teeth whitening is a simple and harmless procedure and almost everyone thinks they can do it. The homemade treatment options and the take away kits don’t help the situation. While every qualified dentist will be careful when handling patients and will avoid transmission of oral infections to the next patient at all cost, it’s sad that sometimes due to careless accidents by a great number of self-proclaimed teeth whitening experts an infection may be passed to the next person. By visiting such a person for such a procedure during your infection period you may have unconsciously set up the next patient for a similar experience. In the spirit of being our brothers keepers, it’s best to avoid such occurrences. Also ensure that you only visit a dentist for such procedures because no matter how expensive they might be, it will be worth it in terms of security and perfect work.

Teeth whitening has enabled many of us to have that red carpet smile we could only dream of previously. However, it’s important to note that this invention is not going to cease existing in any recent times. It will always be there and you can always acquire your dream smile when the situation is right. Waiting a few more days will not kill you. Plus who wants white teeth which they can’t show due to distress and a terrible cold sore attack? It’s also about the packaging. If by any chance you landed on this article just after undertaking the process, just relax and let the healing take its time. Also, ask the dentist on how best to manage your condition and the effects as they arise.

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