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During the in clinic teeth whitening treatment, a 16% hydrogen-peroxide solution is applied to your teeth. The whitening solution activates under a cold blue light to lift out stains from tobacco, coffee, soda and wine. We guarantee results, at least an improvement of two to eight shades and sometimes more. It includes three 15-minute treatments all done in the same visit. The entire appointment usually takes 1 hour.

  • 12 Month Expiration Date: All vouchers are good for a full year from purchase date. This means you can purchase now and lock in your rate for 12 months. We dont always sell these vouchers for $99, our normal pricing is $378.00 for a 45-minute in clinic teeth whitening treatment and the home maintenance kit
  • #1 Teeth Whitening Company In San Diego: We have a 97% Success Rate-97% of our patients are more than happy with their results and end up becoming repeat customers, revisiting about once a year.
  • Top Notch Reputation: We have an unheard of reputation in the teeth whitening arena. Just research our yelp page and our social media pages to see what every one else is saying about San Diegos Teeth Whitening Center
  • Wholesale Pricing: If you are a business that is interested in purchasing vouchers for your customers and/or employees in bulk at unbelievable wholesale pricing, please contact us directly and ask for Danny or Shane for wholesale pricing (min order of 25).


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