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What is the name of the treatment you use?

You are asking this question because you are probably comparing us to the most popular systems used by dentists.  It’s important to understand that no matter what treatment you go with, we all use hydrogen peroxide gel to whiten the teeth and we all combine that with our lighting systems to activate the whitening solution which speeds up the process to get results in under 1 hour.  We don’t have a specific name for our treatment per say, however, our treatment has been designed exclusively for San Diego’s Teeth Whitening Center.

In other words, we use the same type of method and whitening solution that Zoom and Brite Smile use, however the concentration of the whitening solution that we use does not require a gum protector. This is the main reason why everyone loves our treatment, we pretty much eliminate the sensitivity and pain issues but still deliver comparable results for 97% of our customers.

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